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How to charge?

NSRRC welcome the industry using our facilities and technologies to do their R&D works. To encourage industries using our facilities, we provide free service (one sample) for the first try. After that, industries can perform their R&D works with NSRRC through different ways:

Case 1. Commission service

In this case, we will take data and provide basic analytical result for you. The charge is NT 90K/shift for TLS, and NT 160K/shift for TPS. Mail service is accepted for most cases.

Case 2. Commission project

If you have many analysis works to do, or you need developing a specific technique to meet your R&D works, we suggest you to perform a commission project with us. Our experts will talk to you and then provide a proposal, trying to solve your problem in the best we can.

  • One shift = 8 hours beamtime
  • The charge is on the condition that we can take the data using our existing endstation. You should prepare your own components (parts, stage, lens, mechanics..) if necessary.