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Characterization of C-terminal Structure of MinC and Its Implication in Evolution of Bacterial Cell Division 2018/02/01
High-performance Carbon-coated ZnMn2O4 Nanocrystallite Supercapacitors with Tailored Microstructures Enabled by a Novel Solution Combustion Method 2018/02/01
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Structural Basis of Adaptor-mediated Protein Degradation by the Tail-specific PDZ-protease Prc 2018/01/26
Heterogeneous Cu-Pd Binary Interface Boosts Stability and Mass Activity of Atomic Pt Clusters in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction 2018/01/26
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Revisiting the Origin of Cycling Enhanced Capacity of Fe3O4 Based Nanostructured Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries 2018/01/10
Self-assembled Supramolecular Polymers with Tailorable Properties that Enhance Cell attachment and Proliferation 2018/01/10
Identifying the Electrocatalytic Sites of Nickel Disulfide in Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 2018/01/10
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Size-dependent Structural and Magnetic Properties of Chemically Synthesized Co-Ni-Ga Nanoparticles 2018/01/10
Critical Intermediate Structure That Directs the Crystalline Texture and Surface Morphology of Organo-lead Trihalide Perovskite 2017/12/18
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Non-Fermi Liquids as Highly Active Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts 2017/12/12
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Structure, Magnetism, and Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion in (Hf,Nb)Fe2 Alloys 2017/11/13
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Parity-dependent Hairpin Configurations of Repetitive DNA Sequence Promote Slippage Associated with DNA Expansion 2017/09/29
Complex Magnetic Incommensurability and Electronic Charge Transfer Through the Ferroelectric Transition in Multiferroic Co3TeO6 2017/09/29
Preparation and Characterization of a New Graphite Superconductor: Ca0.5Sr0.5C6 2017/09/29
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Blending Homopolymers for Controlling the Morphology Transitions of Block Copolymer Nanorods Confined in Cylindrical Nanopores 2017/09/27
Oxidation-induced C-H Amination Leads to a New Avenue to Build C-N Bonds 2017/09/27
Highly Catalytically Active Micro/Meso-porous Ti-MCM-36 Prepared by a Grafting Method 2017/09/27
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Electron Acceptors with Varied Linkages between Perylene Diimide and Benzotrithiophene for Efficient Fullerene-free Solar Cells 2017/09/27
High Efficiency Ternary Organic Solar Cell with Morphology-compatible Polymers 2017/09/27
A-site and B-site Charge Orderings in an s-d Level Controlled Perovskite Oxide PbCoO3 2017/09/27
Effects of Defects on Photocatalytic Activity of Hydrogen-treated Titanium Oxide Nanobelts 2017/09/27
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Jahn-teller Distortion Driven Magnetic Polarons in Magnetite 2017/09/27
Roles of 3-ethylrhodanine in Attaining Highly Ordered Crystal Arrays of Ambipolar Diketopyrrolopyrrole Oligomers 2017/09/27
Platinum Loaded on Dual-doped TiO2 as an Active and Durable Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst 2017/09/27
Robust Benzimidazole-based Electrolyte Overcomes High-voltage and High-temperature Applications in 5 V Class Lithium Ion Batteries 2017/09/27
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Revealing the Mitigation of Intrinsic Structure Transformation and Oxygen Evolution in a Layered Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2 Cathode Using Restricted Charging Protocols 2017/08/07
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Relation Between the Co-O Bond Lengths and the Spin State of Co in Layered Cobaltates: a High-pressure Study 2017/08/07
Identification of a Simplest Hypervalent Hydrogen Fluoride Anion in Solid Argon 2017/08/07
Factors Influencing the Activity of SiO2 Supported Bimetal Pd-Ni Catalyst for Hydrogenation of α-angelica Lactone: Oxidation State, Particle Size, and Solvents 2017/08/07
The Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction Performance on PtSn Nanowires: The Importance of Segregation Energy and Morphological Effect 2017/08/07
Induced-fit Recognition of CCG Trinucleotide Repeats by a Nickel-chromomycin Complex Resulting in Large-scale DNA Deformation 2017/08/07
The Electromigration Effect Revisited: Non-uniform Local Tensile Stress-driven Diffusion 2017/08/07
Efficient Coupling of Lateral Force in GaN Nanorod Piezoelectric Nanogenerators by Vertically Integrated Pyramided Si Substrate 2017/08/07
Demonstration of Enhanced Carrier Transport, Charge Separation, and Long-term Stability for Photocatalytic Water Splitting by a Rapid Hot Pressing Process 2017/08/07
Coordination Strategy-induced Selective C-H Amination of 8-aminoquinolines 2017/08/07
Fast Projection Matching for X-ray Tomography 2017/08/07
Molecular Design of Polymer Heterojunctions for Efficient Solar-hydrogen Conversion 2017/08/07
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Capacity Retention of Lithium Sulfur Batteries Enhanced with Nano-sized TiO2-embedded Polyethylene Oxide 2017/04/28
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