Cobalt-catalyzed Electrochemical Oxidative C-H/N-H Carbonylation with Hydrogen Evolution 2018/07/01
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet-assisted Synthesis of Zeolite-based Low-κ Thin Films 2018/07/01
Transition Metal Atom Doping of the Basal Plane of MoS2 Monolayer Nanosheets for Electrochemical Hydrogen Dvolution 2018/07/01
Robust and Conductive Magnéli Phase Ti4O7 Decorated on 3D-nanoflower NiRu-LDH as High-performance Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst 2018/06/29
Ab Initio-aided Sensitizer Design for Mn4+-activated Mg2TiO4 as an Ultrabright Fluoride-free Red-emitting Phosphor 2018/05/01
Giant Photoresponse in Quantized SrRuO3 Monolayer at Oxide Interfaces 2018/05/01
Plasmon-induced Visible-light Photocatalytic Activity of Au Nanoparticle-decorated Hollow Mesoporous TiO2: A View by X-ray Spectroscopy 2018/03/01
Recycling Copper Nanoparticles from Printed Circuit Board Waste Etchants via a Microemulsion Process 2018/03/01
Superconductivity in a Misfit Layered (SnS)1.15 (TaS2) Compound 2018/03/01
Trapping Structural Coloration by a Bioinspired Gyroid Microstructure in Solid State 2018/03/01
Ultracompact Pseudowedge Plasmonic Lasers and Laser Arrays 2018/03/01
A Flexible Loop for Mannan Recognition and Activity Enhancement in a Bifunctional Glycoside Hydrolase Family 5☆ 2018/03/01
Fused-Ring Electron Acceptor ITIC-Th: A Novel Stabilizer for Halide Perovskite Precursor Solution 2018/03/01
High-efficiency Bulk Heterojunction Perovskite Solar cell Fabricated by One-step Solution Process Using Single Solvent: Synthesis and Characterization of Material and Film Formation Mechanism 2018/03/01
Peculiar Near-band-edge Emission of Polarization-dependent XEOL from a Non-polar a-plane ZnO Wafer 2018/03/01
Spin-glass Ground State in a Triangular-lattice Compound YbZnGaO4 2018/03/01
Reduction-oxidation Dynamics of Oxidized Graphene: Functional Group Composition Dependent Path to Reduction 2018/03/01
Degradable NIR-PTT Nanoagents with a Potential Cu@Cu2O@Polymer Structure 2018/03/01
Synthesis of High-performance Titanium Sub-oxides for Electrochemical Applications Using Combination of Sol-Gel and Vacuum-carbothermic Processes 2018/03/01
Cluster-based Haldane State in an Edge-shared Tetrahedral Spin-cluster Chain: Fedotovite K2Cu3O(SO4)3 2018/03/01
Tuning Fe Concentration in Epitaxial Gallium Ferrite Thin Films for Room Temperature Multiferroic Properties 2018/03/01
In Situ Analytical Techniques for Battery Interface Analysis 2018/03/01
Cobalt-to-vanadium Charge Transfer in Polyoxometalate Water Oxidation Catalysts Revealed by 2p3d Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering 2018/03/01
Control of Luminescence by Tuning of Crystal Symmetry and Local Structure in Mn4+-activated Narrow Band Fluoride Phosphors 2018/03/01
Functional Two-dimensional Coordination Polymeric Layer as a Charge Barrier in Li-S Batteries 2018/03/01
Zero Thermal Expansion in Magnetic and Metallic Tb(Co,Fe)2 Intermetallic Compounds 2018/03/01
Incorporation of Cadmium and Nickel into Ferrite Spinel Solid Solution: X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Analyses 2018/03/01
Atomic-scale CoOx Species in Metal-organic Frameworks for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2018/03/01
Elucidating the Structure of a High-spin σ-phenyliron(III) Species in a Live FeCl3-PhZnCl Reaction System 2018/03/01
Pressure Effect on Impurity Local Vibrational Mode and Phase Transitions in N-type Iron-doped Indium phosphide 2018/03/01
Engineering the Coordination Geometry of Metal-organic Complex Electrocatalysts for Highly Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2018/03/01
Crystal Structure of the FliF-FliG Complex from Helicobacter Pylori Yields Insight into the Assembly of the Motor MS-C Ring in the Bacterial Flagellum 2018/03/01
Charge Disproportionation in Sr0.5Bi0.5FeO3 Containing Unusually High Valence Fe3.5+ 2018/02/01
Structural Insight into Catalytic Mechanism of PET Hydrolase 2018/02/01
Characterization of C-terminal Structure of MinC and Its Implication in Evolution of Bacterial Cell Division 2018/02/01
High-performance Carbon-coated ZnMn2O4 Nanocrystallite Supercapacitors with Tailored Microstructures Enabled by a Novel Solution Combustion Method 2018/02/01
Peculiar near-band-edge emission of polarization-dependent XEOL from a non-polar a-plane ZnO wafer 2018/02/01
Structural Basis of Adaptor-mediated Protein Degradation by the Tail-specific PDZ-protease Prc 2018/01/26
Heterogeneous Cu-Pd Binary Interface Boosts Stability and Mass Activity of Atomic Pt Clusters in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction 2018/01/26
The Storage Degradation of an 18650 Commercial Cell Studied Using Neutron Powder Diffraction 2018/01/26
Unraveling Geometrical Site Confinement in Highly Efficient Iron-doped Electrocatalysts toward Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2018/01/26
Revisiting the Origin of Cycling Enhanced Capacity of Fe3O4 Based Nanostructured Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries 2018/01/10
Self-assembled Supramolecular Polymers with Tailorable Properties that Enhance Cell attachment and Proliferation 2018/01/10
Identifying the Electrocatalytic Sites of Nickel Disulfide in Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 2018/01/10
Formation of Stable Tin Perovskites Co-crystallized with Three Halides for Carbon-based Mesoscopic Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells 2018/01/10
Size-dependent Structural and Magnetic Properties of Chemically Synthesized Co-Ni-Ga Nanoparticles 2018/01/10
Critical Intermediate Structure That Directs the Crystalline Texture and Surface Morphology of Organo-lead Trihalide Perovskite 2017/12/18
Insight into Microstructural and Phase Transformations in Electrochemical Sodiation-desodiation of a Bismuth Particulate Anode 2017/12/25
Synthesis of Ultrathin Composition Graded Doped Lateral WSe2/WS2 Heterostructures 2017/12/26
Optical Forging of Graphene into Three-dimensional Shapes 2017/12/26
Non-Fermi Liquids as Highly Active Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts 2017/12/12
Coulomb Correlations Intertwined with Spin and Orbital Excitations in LaCoO3 2017/11/15
Probing Eu2+ Luminescence from Different Crystallographic Sites in Ca10M(PO4)7:Eu2+ (M = Li, Na, and K) with β-Ca3(PO4)2-type Structure 2017/11/13
Structure, Magnetism, and Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion in (Hf,Nb)Fe2 Alloys 2017/11/13
Far-UV Excited Luminescence of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers: Evidence for Diamonds in Space 2017/11/13
Effect of a Sulfur and Nitrogen Dual-doped Fe-N-S Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction 2017/11/13
Directional Solution Coating by the Chinese Brush: a Facile Approach to Improving Molecular Alignment for High-performance Polymer TFTs 2017/11/13
Structural Studies of Bulk to Nanosize Niobium Oxides with Correlation to Their Acidity 2017/09/29
The Synergistic Effects of Combining the High Energy Mechanical Milling and Wet Milling on Si Negative Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery 2017/09/29
Electrochemical Hydroxylation of C3–C12 n-Alkanes by Recombinant Alkane Hydroxylase (AlkB) and Rubredoxin-2 (AlkG) from Pseudomonas putida GPo1 2017/09/29
Parity-dependent Hairpin Configurations of Repetitive DNA Sequence Promote Slippage Associated with DNA Expansion 2017/09/29
Complex Magnetic Incommensurability and Electronic Charge Transfer Through the Ferroelectric Transition in Multiferroic Co3TeO6 2017/09/29
Preparation and Characterization of a New Graphite Superconductor: Ca0.5Sr0.5C6 2017/09/29
Controlling of Structural Ordering and Rigidity of β-SiAlON:Eu through Chemical Cosubstitution to Approach Narrow-Band-emission for Light-emitting Diodes Application 2017/09/29
Blending Homopolymers for Controlling the Morphology Transitions of Block Copolymer Nanorods Confined in Cylindrical Nanopores 2017/09/27
Oxidation-induced C-H Amination Leads to a New Avenue to Build C-N Bonds 2017/09/27
Highly Catalytically Active Micro/Meso-porous Ti-MCM-36 Prepared by a Grafting Method 2017/09/27
Reducing Hysteresis and Enhancing Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Low-temperature Processed Y-Doped SnO2 Nanosheets as Electron Selective Layers 2017/09/27
Electron Acceptors with Varied Linkages between Perylene Diimide and Benzotrithiophene for Efficient Fullerene-free Solar Cells 2017/09/27
High Efficiency Ternary Organic Solar Cell with Morphology-compatible Polymers 2017/09/27
A-site and B-site Charge Orderings in an s-d Level Controlled Perovskite Oxide PbCoO3 2017/09/27
Effects of Defects on Photocatalytic Activity of Hydrogen-treated Titanium Oxide Nanobelts 2017/09/27
Aluminate Red Phosphor in Light-emitting Diodes: Theoretical Calculations, Charge Varieties, and High-Pressure Luminescence Analysis 2017/09/27
Jahn-teller Distortion Driven Magnetic Polarons in Magnetite 2017/09/27
Roles of 3-ethylrhodanine in Attaining Highly Ordered Crystal Arrays of Ambipolar Diketopyrrolopyrrole Oligomers 2017/09/27
Platinum Loaded on Dual-doped TiO2 as an Active and Durable Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst 2017/09/27
Robust Benzimidazole-based Electrolyte Overcomes High-voltage and High-temperature Applications in 5 V Class Lithium Ion Batteries 2017/09/27
Low-temperature Solution-processed NiOx Films for Air-stable Perovskite Solar Cells 2017/08/07
Cascaded Exciton Energy Transfer in a Monolayer Semiconductor Lateral Heterostructure Assisted by Surface Plasmon Polariton 2017/08/07
Revealing the Mitigation of Intrinsic Structure Transformation and Oxygen Evolution in a Layered Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2 Cathode Using Restricted Charging Protocols 2017/08/07
Antimalarial Inhibitors Targeting Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT) with in Vivo Efficacy and Analysis of their Binding Mode Based on X-ray Cocrystal Structures 2017/08/07
Relation Between the Co-O Bond Lengths and the Spin State of Co in Layered Cobaltates: a High-pressure Study 2017/08/07
Identification of a Simplest Hypervalent Hydrogen Fluoride Anion in Solid Argon 2017/08/07
Factors Influencing the Activity of SiO2 Supported Bimetal Pd-Ni Catalyst for Hydrogenation of α-angelica Lactone: Oxidation State, Particle Size, and Solvents 2017/08/07
The Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction Performance on PtSn Nanowires: The Importance of Segregation Energy and Morphological Effect 2017/08/07
Induced-fit Recognition of CCG Trinucleotide Repeats by a Nickel-chromomycin Complex Resulting in Large-scale DNA Deformation 2017/08/07
The Electromigration Effect Revisited: Non-uniform Local Tensile Stress-driven Diffusion 2017/08/07
Efficient Coupling of Lateral Force in GaN Nanorod Piezoelectric Nanogenerators by Vertically Integrated Pyramided Si Substrate 2017/08/07
Demonstration of Enhanced Carrier Transport, Charge Separation, and Long-term Stability for Photocatalytic Water Splitting by a Rapid Hot Pressing Process 2017/08/07
Coordination Strategy-induced Selective C-H Amination of 8-aminoquinolines 2017/08/07
Fast Projection Matching for X-ray Tomography 2017/08/07
Molecular Design of Polymer Heterojunctions for Efficient Solar-hydrogen Conversion 2017/08/07