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Manipulation of the Magneto-optical Properties of a Co/C Heterostructure under an Applied Voltage
H.-S. Hsu*, Y.-C. Chang, J.-Y. Huang, Y.-H. Huang, Y.-F. Liao*, J.-S. Lee, S.-J. Sun, and Y.-D. Yao
In this work, electrical manipulation of the magneto-optical properties of a cobalt (Co)/carbon (C) heterostructure is demonstrated via reversible voltage (V)-dependent magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) measurements to provide information on its spin-polarized density of states. Complex impedance spectroscopy revealed the occurrence of capacitance effects between Co and C. Suppression of the radial distribution functions of the X-ray absorption spectra and changes in the Raman spectra reveal that charge injection under an applied V results in increased interstitial charge densities. Angle-dependent changes in MCD under an applied V reveal that variations in C–Co hybridization due to charge accumulation are responsible for the observed phenomena.