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Scalable Wet Deposition of Zeolite AEI with a High Degree of Preferred Crystal Orientation
P.-S. Huang, C. H. Lam, C.-Y. Su, Y.-R. Chen, W.-Y. Lee, D.-M. Wang, C.-C. Hua*, and D.-Y. Kang*
Producing zeolite films with controlled preferred orientation on an industrial scale is a long‐standing challenge. Herein we report on a scalable approach to the direct wet deposition of zeolite thin films and membranes while maintaining a high degree of control over the preferred crystal orientation. As a proof of concept, thin films comprising aluminophosphate zeolite AEI were cast on silicon wafer or porous alumina substrates. Electrical properties and separation performance of the zeolite thin films/membranes were engineered through controlling degree of preferred crystal orientation.