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Twenty-First NSRRC Users’ Meeting and Workshops Was Held on Sep. 9-10


The Twenty-First NSRRC Users’ Meeting and Workshops was held on September 9 and 10, 2015. It comprised of 2 days of presentations and discussions devoted to recent developments and future directions in science at the NSRRC. Jointly organized by the UEC Chair Ying-Hao Chu (National Chiao Tung University) and Cheng-Maw Cheng (NSRRC), the meeting consisted of the plenary sessions and three featured workshops.

The intensive meeting commenced on the morning of September 9 with an address from NSRRC director Shangjr Gwo. He gave an overview of the current status, future developments of NSRRC’s light sources and beamlines, and he also highlighted the outstanding researches and events over the year. Later on, Ming-Chyuan Lin and Yu-Shan Huang, group leaders of Light Source Division and Experimental Facility Division of the NSRRC respectively, outlined the progress of NSRRC synchrotron light sources and synchrotron experimental facilities.

The Keynote Speech titled “Crystallography and Synchrotron Radiation” was delivered by Yu Wang (Academia Sinica). This educational and inspirational speech described how Wang achieved her academic excellence with the tools provided by synchrotron radiation. The afternoon sessions were dedicated to four users of the NSRRC, Minn-Tsong Lin (National Taiwan University), Wen-Chang Chen (National Taiwan University), Tsung-Lin Li (Academia Sinica), and Tsai-Te Lu (Chung Yuan Christian University).

Three workshops focusing on the beamlines of the TPS or SIKA which will soon open to general users were held in the following day. The workshops provided many opportunities to explore specific sciences and technical areas related to the beamlines of the NSRRC. The topics included Workshop I: Quick-scanning EXAFS organized by Jyh-Fu Lee and Chih-Wen Pao; Workshop II: In-situ Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Chracterization in Energy Materials Research organized by Yaw-Wen Yang and Chia-Hsin Wang; and Workshop III: Neutrons for Condensed Matter Scientists organized by Jason S. Gardner.

Nearly 30 distinguished scholars, both domestic and international, were invited to present their outstanding research achievements. This highly anticipated event attracted an enthusiastic crowd of 374 synchrotron experts, users and prospective users. In total, 182 posters featuring NSRRC research projects and activities from users were displayed, including 11 registering for the Oral Presentation Contest.

The Twenty-First Users’ Meeting and Workshops provided both synchrotron radiation and neutron users with a forum to communicate and to discuss issues related to experiments, user service and the future development of the NSRRC with Director Gwo and NSRRC scientists. The attendees had an opportunity to learn not only about the current status of the NSRRC’s light sources and beamlines, but also about the recent scientific achievements and new capabilities the TPS can offer. All sessions and workshops were well-attended; the presentations encouraged and inspired valuable discussion among the participants.

For details of the programs, please visit the Twenty-First Users' Meeting and Workshops website (http://regis.nsrrc.org.tw/Default.aspx?lang=enUS).

The group photo of 21st NSRRC Users’ Meeting and Workshops.
NSRRC director Shangjr Gwo reported the current status, future developments of NSRRC’s light sources and beamlines.