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Y. Z. Hsu Science Award
NSRRC Users Kung-Hwa Wei, Chen-Wei Liu, Kuen-Song Lin, and Cheng-En Ho Won the 15th Y. Z. Hsu Science Award

The 15th Y. Z. Hsu Science Award Ceremony took place on August 22nd. There were 23 winners including four NSRRC users, Prof. Kung-Hwa Wei, Prof. Chen-Wei Liu, Kuen-Song Lin, and Prof. Cheng-En Ho. The award not only signifies the contributions made by the recipients in emerging sciences and technologies, but also acknowledges their achievements in various research fields.

Prof. Wei was honored with the Y. Z. Hsu Science Chair Professor Award in Green Technologies. He is Chair Professor and Dean of College of Engineering at National Chiao-Tung University. His research interests range from smart materials, polymer solar cells, organic light-emitting diodes and memory devices to hybrid nanomaterials. Prof. Liu received the Y. Z. Hsu Science Paper Award in Nano Science & Technology. He is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at National Dong Hwa University, and has the expertise in inorganic chemistry and coordination chemistry. Prof. Lin was given the Y. Z. Hsu Yuan Ze Chair Professor Award. He is Professor in Chemical Engineering at Yuan-Ze University. His research interests cover nanomaterials, energy materials, waste treatment and renewable energies. Prof. Ho received the Y. Z. Hsu Outstanding Professor Award in Technology and Humanities. He is Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering Department at Yuan-Ze University. He specializes in 3D-IC & LED packages, synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction, lead-free solders & ENEPIG, tin whiskers, etc.

The "Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation" was established in 2001 in memory of Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu, the late founder of the Far Eastern Group. The Foundation upholds its principle of encouraging “technology and innovation,” and therefore gives out the “Y. Z. Hsu Science Award” annually, including Science Chair Professor Award, Science Paper Award, and Technology Invention Award. In addition, Yuan Ze Chair Professor Award and Outstanding Professor Award are given to staff from National Taiwan University Hospital, as well as the institutions founded by Mr. Hsu, including Yuan-Ze University, Oriental Institute of Technology, and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. The Foundation aims to promote outstanding science and technology achievements in domestic academia, focusing on four areas: nano technology, optoelectronics & communications, bio-medical technology, and green technologies.

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