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keywords: 2016 MOST Outstanding Research Award, Woei-Jer Chuang, Chih-Huang Lai, Chen-Wei Liu, Wei-Fang Su
2016 MOST Outstanding Research Award Given to Four NSRRC Users, Woei-Jer Chuang, Chih-Huang Lai, Chen-Wei Liu, and Wei-Fang Su


The Ministry of Science and Technology recently released the recipient list of the 2016 MOST Outstanding Research Award. Among the 73 winners, four are the users of NSRRC, including Prof. Woei-Jer Chuang, Prof. Chih-Huang Lai, Prof. Chen-Wei Liu, and Prof. Wei-Fang Su.

Prof. Chuang is Distinguished Professor and Director of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at National Cheng-Kung University. His research interests focus on enzyme mechanisms, protein structure-function relationships, and protein folding. Prof. Lai is Chair Professor of National Tsing Hua University and Dean of College of Engineering. He specializes in magnetic thin films, spintronic devices (MRAM) storage materials, and magnetic nanoparticles and nanostructure. Prof. Liu is Professor of Chemistry at National Dong Hwa University. He has the expertise in inorganic chemistry and coordination chemistry. Prof. Su is Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at National Taiwan University. Her research covers molecular design, synthesis, characterization and processing of novel soft materials for electronic, and biomedical applications.

MOST Outstanding Research Award is set to recognize and honor outstanding researchers in science and technology, who have long committed themselves to fundamental or applied research, in hope of shoring up Taiwan's prestige in the international scientific community, as well as boosting the country’s industrial development and technological innovation.

Recipient List of the 2016 MOST Outstanding Research Award