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News Brief
keywords: Cheng-Chung Lee, Andrew H.-J. Wang, TPS 05A, Ligand-protein complex structure
TPS 05A’s First Ligand-protein Complex Structure Measured by C. C. Lee and A. H.-J. Wang Was Published


Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) delivered its first synchrotron light on the last day of year 2014, with a 10-mA stored beam current and beam stability 5-6%. Later the same evening, Dr. Cheng-Chung Lee and Academian Andrew H.-J. Wang, the first TPS friendly users, used TPS 05A Protein Micro-crystallography to measure its very first ligand-protein complex structure. After continuous efforts in data collection and analysis, the research results were published in ACS Omega (2017, 2, 930−936).

In addition to ΔzFPS-MDI complex data collected at TPS 05A, data for other complex crystals including ΔzFPS-MI and ΔzFPS-MD were collected using TLS 15A1 at NSRRC while data for the apo-form ΔzFPS-H103Y crystal were collected at the Taiwan Contract Beamline SP 12B2 in SPring-8, Japan.

Dr. Lee is a research staff in Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica. His research interest focuses on structural biology. Academian Wang is Distinguished Research Fellow of Academia Sinica, and was the Vice President of the organization from 2006 to 2016. He specializes in structural proteomics, anticancer drugs, X-ray crystallography, NMR and molecular design.
Crystal Structure and Potential Head-to-Middle Condensation